Training - F3003

F3003 - Stage Evaluation and Troubleshooting


This four-day course is designed to provide the students with an introduction to the hardware of the air bearing stage and focus system of FPA-3000 Series steppers. The primary goal of this course is to provide the students with the basic knowledge of trouble analysis of these sub-components.

Performance Objectives
X-Y stage pressure and vacuum check
X-Y stage resistance check
X-Y stage background vibration analysis
Visual inspection of main unit interference
X-Y stage frequency response test
X-Y stage gain adjustment and T(mean), EGP measurement check
Coil resistance check
OPTF unit trouble analysis
Theta-Z tilt unit piezo replacement

FPA 3000 i4 Operations Online Training course and F3006

Applicable Models

i4, EX3, iW

Course Schedule

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