FPA-5510iV Stepper


About FPA-5510iV Stepper


  • The FPA-5510iV has a 2:1 reduction Projection Lens and a low Numerical Aperture, providing a wide-field exposure and a deep Depth of Focus
  • The FPA-5510iV Through-Silicon Alignment (TSA) option allows the stepper to perform infrared wafer frontside and backside alignment measurement of bonded wafers
  • The FPA-5510iV wafer handling and stage system options are designed to process severely warped and distorted wafers
  • The FPA-5510iV Resist Exhaust Outgas Unit option protects the lens from degradation due to thick-resist outgassing
  • The FPA-5510iV offers a variety of options originally developed for the 5500 Body Steppers that are designed to increase productivity and performance