FPA-5510iV Stepper


About FPA-5510iV Stepper


The FPA-5510iV (5510iV) is Canon’s first semiconductor back-end manufacturing tool and was designed for next-generation semiconductor device packaging. The 5510iV supports growing industry demand for 3-D chip stacking, where multiple semiconductor chips are bonded and interconnected vertically to configure a single device. 3-D devices typically offer a smaller form factor, increased capacity, lower power consumption and increased bandwidth.

The new Canon FPA-5510iV semiconductor lithography tool accommodates Through Silicon Via (TSV) and Bump processes by offering advanced imaging capability and options that include warped-wafer handling and Through-Silicon Alignment (TSA) .

The 5510iV builds upon technology cultivated through Canon’s long-selling FPA-5500iZ front-end tool series to deliver high resolution, high throughput, and high overlay accuracy to help meet the rapidly progressing device demands on performance and integration.