Canon Pre-Owned Equipment

Responding to the demands of the market, Canon USA is pleased to announce the creation of the Canon Pre-Owned (CPO) Equipment Program.

The CPO Program is a comprehensive used equipment system that provides our customers with the best performance, reliability, value and support for legacy Canon photolithography equipment.

Key to the CPO Program is Canon's unique ability to refurbish and recondition used equipment. Using authentic Canon replacement parts, all CPO equipment is guaranteed to meet required specifications. CPO offers our customers a package price that covers essentially all costs associated with the purchase and installation of the tool. When compared to the seemingly bargain prices of comparable lithography tools available on the secondary market, CPO may appear to be a more expensive alternative, however the real picture is that CPO offers a much safer investment.

When equipment is purchased on the open market, it is typically sold as-is, where-is. The condition of the tool may be unknown. The system must be de-installed (or worse, the system had been previously de-installed and has been sitting in a warehouse with no climate or contamination control), crated and shipped. All of these tasks incur significant costs and Canon CPO provides for all of these items.

After receiving a secondary market used tool, the system must be assembled, reinstalled and qualified. It is not uncommon to find numerous units (robots, stages, lasers, lens, etc) requiring replacement, potentially incurring hundreds of thousands of dollars in repair costs. Canon CPO equipment arrives guaranteed to meet negotiated specifications with no unexpected costs.

As-is tools will almost universally require software support from Canon and must first receive a relatively costly version up to the standard supported software version before Canon USA can assist in troubleshooting system issues. All Canon CPO tools come fully equipped with the standard supported Canon Console Software and the CPO Software License provides continued support of Canon standard version upgrades.

Canon is committed to the continued support of our older systems and the CPO Program is one way to insure that only the highest quality used Canon litho tools reach the market.

If you have any questions about the CPO Equipment Program or have any requests or suggestions, please contact