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  • For advanced high volume device manufacturing. In addition to its 350mm/second wafer stage scan speed, the FPA-5000ES4b has very high illumination intensity at exceptional uniformity. Improvements in AGA software sequence and wafer handling, and shorter reticle changing time - all combine to deliver ≥67wph(122shots) for 300mm wafers and ≥121wph(58shots) for 200mm.
  • Suited for wide range of processes. With its 0.80 ~ 0.55 NA range, the FPA-5000ES4b can be used for multiple applications, including mass production of DRAM, Logic and ASIC devices. It also provides a wide range of NA down to 0.55 to overlap with i-line processes. Other phase-shift related features include sigma adjustability and many illumination options.
  • Outstanding lens system. The FPA-5000ES4b lens allows very low k1 lithography. A product of Canon's on-going "wavefront engineering" process, its lens minimizes various aberrations from wide NA range and illumination conditions.
  • Further Enhancement in Overlay Accuracy and CD Control. By improving the focus accuracy through more precise wafer chuck flatness, the FPA-5000ES4b achieves single-machine overlay accuracy of 16nm or less.
  • Reticle SMIF and Automation Ready. FPA-5000ES4b has reticle SMIF, which controls the effect of contamination on reticles without improving the cleanness of the clean room. Further, ES4b is ready for production line automation, and can be used in wide range of purposes including R&D, pilot line, and mass production.
  • Ready for the 300mm mix and match. Matched with the FPA-5500iZ, the FPA-5000ES4b provides a high productive low CoO solution for 300mm wafer processing.