DUV Scanners

Canon Deep Ultra-Violet (DUV) scanners are used for volume production of 300mm and 200mm wafers.

Delivering resolution capability below 90nm and precise overlay, Canon's proven DUV Scanner platforms provide flexible, reliable and cost-effective imaging solutions for a wide variety of photolithography applications.

Details FPA-6300ES6a

Canon's new FPA-6300ES6a DUV scanner achieves high throughput and high-overlay accuracy to effectively respond to the advanced needs of chip manufacturers seeking reduced cost of ownership.

Details FPA-6000ES6a Scanner

The FPA-6000ES6a scanner, with its 0.86-NA, ultra-low aberration lens system, resolves 90nm IC features with a flexible illumination modes that supports sub-wavelength extension. The ES6a is a mix-and-match solution for 200mm or 300mm wafer mass production.

Details FPA-5000ES4b Scanner

The FPA-5000ES4b scanner is the latest addition to the FPA-5000 series.