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Man & Beast: Bridging the Gap Between Man & Beast with the Canon Cinema EOS C500

Canon EOS technology takes viewers inside the mind of Dr. Alan Rabinowitz, whose lifelong bond with wild cats provided a refuge as a stutter isolated him from the human race.

Man and Beast:Director and Cinematographer's Commentary

Man and Beast

Panthera founder Dr. Alan Rabinowitz sought solace in the company of animals from an early age, as a stutter isolated him from his peers. Once he'd mastered his impediment, he dedicated his life to the welfare of the majestic beasts who taught him life's great truths... without words. Directed by Dante Ariola and shot with the spectacular Canon Cinema EOS C500, Man and Beast shows how beautiful stories come to life through beautiful filmmaking.

Dante Ariola needed to recapture wildlife conservationist Dr. Alan Rabinowitz’s life on film—a story that goes from the tight spaces of New York City to the openness of the South American wild—with the short documentary Man & Beast. Luckily for him, the Canon Cinema EOS C500 quickly became the camera worth keeping for the production.

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