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Prometheus Presents Visual Fire With The Inclusion Of Canon REALiS SX800 Projectors

Canon REALiS SX800 chosen to power new Stereoscopic 3D educational display system “Prometheus”

Prometheus Presents Visual Fire With The Inclusion Of Canon REALiS SX800 Projectors
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Confident of the educational benefits of stereoscopic 3D video projection, Sonar Studios has chosen to equip each of its new Prometheus presentation systems with two Canon REALiS SX800 Multimedia LCOS Projectors. Prometheus, a self-contained equipment cart on wheels, is designed as a portable educational tool that enhances students’ abilities to learn. In addition to stereoscopic 3D video, the system’s two REALiS SX800 Projectors will be used to display a wide variety of other visual content, including PowerPoint presentations, interactive DVDs, and streaming media.

“We saw that stereoscopic 3D and interactivity are extremely effective in engaging students and that they provide retention and comprehension levels that are off the charts,” stated Vince Freeman, President of Sonar Studios, an Indianapolis-based multimedia and application production company. “Then we asked, ‘How can we get all of that engagement into one unit that can be transported anywhere and provide a powerful learning experience?’”

Our answer was to create Prometheus, a “turn-key” system that integrates several technologies, including two projectors, a computer, software, a DVD player, and an audio system. Prometheus makes these technology variables invisible to teachers. All they have to do is plug it in, control it with a touch-screen, and use Prometheus to show many different types of educational content.”

Each Prometheus contains two Canon REALiS SX800 Multimedia LCOS Projectors that display stereoscopic 3D video, as well as other multimedia content. Sonar Studios outfits each Canon REALiS SX800 with a separate polarized lens filter that works in conjunction with special glasses worn by students to produce 3D images.

“We chose the Canon REALiS SX800 for multiple reasons. First and foremost, it is a great projector for the price.” —Vince Freeman, President of Sonar Studios

“We chose the Canon REALiS SX800 for multiple reasons,” explained Freeman. “First and foremost, it is a great projector for the price. When it comes to school products, you have to make the unit as inexpensive as possible. Other important aspects we needed that the Canon REALiS SX800 provides include high brightness, high resolution, detailed images, and ample connectors, including serial control.”

The Canon REALiS SX800 Multimedia LCOS Projector displays full SXGA+ (1400 x 1050) resolution video at a brightness of 3000 lumens and a contrast ratio of 900:1. It is an affordable alternative for users of XGA (1024 x 768) resolution projectors who are seeking to upgrade to higher resolution SXGA+ picture quality. Canon’s REALiS SX800 delivers a larger desktop area than XGA projectors (an increase of almost 87 percent more pixels) as well as widescreen notebook and desktop computer support (with display of uncompressed WXGA) and displays uncompressed 720p HD video with support for 1080p HD.

In addition to the technical attributes of Canon’s REALiS SX800 Projectors, Freeman also had high praise for the support that Canon provided to Sonar Studios to make Prometheus perform as designed. “Once we told Canon about our project, they went out of their way to contribute,” he noted. “They sent their engineers to our Indianapolis office to confer with our tech guys. Canon also wrote and installed custom firmware so that our software fully interfaces with the REALiS SX800 Multimedia LCOS Projectors.”

“People are very excited about Prometheus,” Freeman asserted. “We think we have something special that has a price point schools can handle. Canon provided us with outstanding customer service, which we really appreciate. We made a decision as a company a long time ago to do work that really means something, and to enjoy it. I think that if we can benefit education, that’s one of the highest things you can aspire to.”

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