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Item Code: 9593B002
Estimated Retail Price: $3,499.00


Supports IP Streaming with Free Firmware Update

The firmware upgrade released on June 30th, 2015 enables the XF205 and XF200 camcorders to support video streaming over an IP network, a method that is widely used in the broadcasting industry to send and receive video signals. By sending video over the internet while it is being captured, users will be able to provide live transfers of footage to news programs and video-sharing sites. In addition, the upgrade will enable the camcorders to be used with Fujitsu's video transmission equipment, the Fujitsu Network IP-900IID and IP-920D HD/SD Compact Video Decoders1 as well as software supporting IP streaming. Thanks to these new capabilities, users will be able to stream video over an IP network without having to alter existing video-capture and editing workflows, such as those employed at broadcasting stations.

The Fujitsu IP-900D / IP-900IID / IP-920D Basic Software Update version V02L040 is available here.

1 The Fujitsu Network IP-900IID and IP-920D are scheduled to support the XF205 and XF200 camcorder from April 2015.

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