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Speedlite 270EX

Speedlite Flash Lineup
Speedlite 270EX
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Item Code: 3806B002
Estimated Retail Price: $159.99

Speedlite 270EX 4.4 5 14 14
270 EX Flash - Poor Quality This product was perfect for my needs up until the day it stopped working. The flash is a significant upgrade over the stock flash on the Canon Rebel T1i. I was able to take excellent pictures. After owning and using the flash for a couple years, it stopped working one day and would not turn on. November 24, 2013
Good purchase I needed a flash for an event. It was good for close shots and semi distances. Gave me the clear crisp sharp images that I was expecting. Recycle time is fast but not fast enough for the images that I was taking. The flexibility of the flash was okay but I should have saved some time and money by purchasing the 580EX II. February 9, 2011
good match for my g11 bought this item 2 months ago for my G11 .works perfect for my camera,the size is just right not to bulky,it turn on slow at first but once is set ,recycling is fast .so far no problem using it ,recomment for the G series. December 22, 2010
Great for High-End Compacts / "Bridge" Cameras I've owned this flash for over a year now and have been using it exclusively with an SX1 IS. The flash is the perfect size for this more compact line of cameras. The 430EX and 580EX flashes are nice but completely impractical for a camera this size. The flash performs as expected. When the camera is set properly, this flash delivers a very nice, even light spread and reaches out when you need it to. Indoors, the light covers the entire frame with few to no dark spots and rarely blows up the scene depending of course on your shooting conditions. If you're shooting in a room with brightly painted walls, they might look a bit overexposed and unnatural, however since the flash can be controlled in-camera, you can overcome this by dialing down the flash exposure and a little experimentation. Unless you're shooting in a studio, ideal conditions are rare, but this flash compensates and overcomes with just enough fill light to make the scene look quite natural. Outdoors, this flash will do a nice job of illuminating a subject within a reasonable distance. It is a bit small however if you're trying to do nighttime landscapes. You'll notice more pronounced dark and rapidly fading edges. Really though, that's not what this flash was designed to do, but it's just something I noticed. It doesn't diminish my opinion of the unit at all. The versatility and adjust-ability of this little flash-gun put it in a high-value category, making it invaluable whether you're shooting with a compact or a high-end DSLR. The fact that it is powered by 2 AA's makes it even more portable. No dedicated batteries or charger have to be carried with the flash. On two freshly charged AA's (Duracell 2650mAh) the flash recharges almost instantly and will get you several hundred shots. You'll know ahead of time when the batteries need changing because there will be a noticeable increase in time for the flash to charge, so you won't miss that critical shot because your batteries die suddenly. This may also depend on your batteries, so I would suggest using only high quality rechargeables and not standard alkalines, though in a pinch they work for a few good shots. Overall I would highly recommend this flash regardless of what level of equipment you use. The cost, value and versatility make this flash a must-have! September 28, 2010
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