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Digital SLR Camera
Item Code: 3814B004
Estimated Retail Price: $1,499.00
Price reflects camera body only.

EOS 7D 4.6 5 399 399
Way More Than I Expected I decided to buy this camera because aside from its IQ, my 5D kept sending me back to my D200 for a shooter's camera. The 7D arrived propitiously in time for a week off work and a snowstorm - perfect for the kind of work I like to do most. I got to follow some cardinals and a pheasant through snowy inner-city backyards around me to test the mettle of this 7D with my beloved lightweight and nasty-sharp 300mm f/4L IS and a 430EX. Canon finally gets it, IMHO. Without paying megabucks for a camera the size and weight of a patio stone to hang on me as I climb fences wearing boots, I do need a fast, intuitive and responsive camera. This is it. The controls are placed so they don't slow me down. The camera is sized and shaped for moving. AF to die for. Muffled shutter noise. Good with gloves. February 25, 2010
Awesome Camera I upgraded from an XSi, also a great camera, but after using the 7D in store for only a short while, I knew it would bring my photography to a whole new level. I didn't blindly rate the 7D 5 stars in every category, I really think it deserves it. In terms of features, the 7D is probably Canon's flagship. This thing feels like a testbed of new tech, and it really brings a lot of useful gadgets to the table. I especially like the orientation-aware AF setting mode. In terms of performance, the AF is fast, the viewfinder display is excellent and unobtrusive, and the shooting speed is epic. Image "noise" should be renamed "grain" when you shoot with this camera; it's there, but the subtlety is excellent (if you have realistic expectations). The video mode is also excellent, and well through out. However, I would've liked to see Tv and Av modes enabled (you can do auto or manual, with Auto ISO on either) and there is the rolling shutter artifact that plagues all CMOS video systems. But it's still a great feature. The camera is complicated to use to its fullest, but the main shooting controls are the same as other pro-series EOS cameras, so no major complaints. Once you get used to it, everything flows nicely. January 25, 2010
Very Disappointed, Owned Ae1, A2e, 30d, 50d For manual video it's a great Camera when it comes to using it for photography the camera has a high failure rate. Images come out very soft!! I own the 70-200 2.8 L &16-35 2.8 L and I have used them on my prior canon body's with zero issues, I have tried applying the micro adjustments but I'm still not happy. It's a hit and miss on the focus. May 4, 2014
It is fast and auto focus is perfect I have been using 7D for since the Canon released the camera. I travelled to Grand Canyon to Zion National Park to Bruce Canyon, 7D gave me the best result. April 22, 2014
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