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Digital SLR Camera
Item Code: 4460B003
Estimated Retail Price: $899.99
Price reflects camera body only.

EOS 60D 4.7 5 201 201
Great camera Great camera for advance amateur and business. Quality, reliability, good in low light conditions, very good images quality and the hand grip feels good and secure. May 13, 2014
I am very happy with my purchase I have been using the 60D for over a year now and have been extremely happy with it. Will be loking for a replacement for my XSi which is still performing very well... May 1, 2014
Long Term User I wrote a review a few years ago when I first got this camera, and thought I'd add a long term update. 3 years of use and my 60D works as well as the day I bought it. Still looks brand new in fact. I'm pretty meticulous with taking care of my cameras, but nevertheless I'm very impressed with how well it has held up. It's been to Canada and Florida, and many places in between, including on ski slopes, in boats, and in very dusty gymnasium environments. I've taken many thousands of pictures with nary a problem. I originally bought this camera to use for taking gymnastics pictures of my kids, which is a challenging task. Low light, no flash allowed, very fast action, and you are generally sitting up in the bleachers. My favorite lens with this camera for shooting gymnastics is my Canon 85mm f1.8 USM prime. I generally shoot at 1/500 and f1.8, and even in the poor lighting I can often still shoot at ISO 800, even at 1/500. The autofocus works really well for the most part, especially with the USM lens, even on events like floor exercise where the kids are moving around really fast and the depth of field is constantly shifting. I have gotten some great pics over the years, and rarely miss shots with this camera. The high burst rate for this camera works wonderfully too, for those action sequences you want to capture. I've been equally happy taking portraits, nature pics, and just plain old family and vacation pics with this camera as well. I have the 18-135mm kit lens, the 55-250mm zoom, the "nifty fifty" 50mm f 1.8 prime, and the 85mm f 1.8 prime I mentioned above. I use them all and I'm really pleased with the pictures I've gotten with all of those lenses and my 60D. My family is always asking me to take pics of their kids, because this camera does such a great job. Two of my brothers recently went and bought Canon DSLR's for themselves (a T3i and a T4i) after seeing what my 60 D could do. I love the 60D though, because I use the LCD on the top of the body far more than I ever would have thought. It's just so handy for making quick adjustments to settings - something to definitely consider if you are struggling to decide whether you need it or not. I will never buy a camera without it again, personally. Since I shoot video with this camera as well, I should also emphasize the flip out LCD on the back. For video, having that articulated screen is priceless. You can tilt the screen and cradle the camera while shooting and it's soooo much more comfortable than holding a camera without the adjustable screen. Also, you can close the screen when shooting pics to keep it from ever getting scratched. My screen is still pristine after 3 years of use, thanks to being able to close it! My 60D's reliability has been outstanding and I have just loved this camera! Great battery life too. I have two batteries, but have never had to resort to my back up during a single day of shooting. My teenaged daughter has recently taken an interest in photography, and has been borrowing my camera. She has learned to use it very quickly, so that is a testament to the fairly intuitive menus, etc, and shows that a novice can learn with this camera pretty quickly with a little practice. She tells me it's time to pass my camera along to her and pick up a new one for myself. Based on my experience with the 60D, I will have no hesitation whatsoever with buying another Canon DSLR. I'm looking really hard at the 70D, though I may wait and see which features are on the 7D Mark II when it comes out (like whether it has a flip out screen). I'd love to consider bumping up to full frame, but only if Canon adds the articulated flip out LCD to one of those models (hint, hint). The flip out is just too handy for video for me to consider a camera without it at this point, though I can see why people who just focus on pictures might not care as much. At any rate, the 60D has been a truly outstanding camera for me, and has exceeded all of my expectations! Still in love with it 3 years later, and highly recommend it! April 24, 2014
Canon This camera is great for beginners and professionals. April 22, 2014
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