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Cinema EOS Cameras

Cinema EOS Camera
Item Code: 6346B002


Versatility, Reliability and Durability

Designed from the ground up to maximize shooting comfort and usability, the EOS C500 PL's modular design enables different components to be added or removed as required to meet the needs of a particular shooting scenario, and also to increase the comfort of a camera operator. In addition to the core camera body, the EOS C500 PL features a low-angle, camera-handle extension plus a removable LCD Monitor and control panel with XLR audio inputs. (However, to accommodate the EOS C500's 3G SDI outputs, the handgrip is fixed in a single position and not removable.)

The EOS C500 PL features an Ultra-High Resolution 1.55 Megapixel EVF with approximately 100% field-of-view coverage for comfortable viewing and accurate image composition, focus and color adjustment. The viewfinder's angle is adjustable for additional user comfort. The Camera Control Unit features a 4-inch, 1.23 Megapixel rotating LCD screen that offers approximately 100% field-of-view coverage. Mounted onto the camera control pad, the display panel can be freely rotated to provide the operator with flexible viewing angles and convenient access to the control panel. For added flexibility, the panel can also be mounted in different positions to accommodate different viewing positions required by the operator, director or producer. Such flexibility and ease of movement makes the display easier to use than a rigid design that can be easily bumped during a shoot.