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8 x 25 IS

IS Binoculars
8 x 25 IS

Item Code: 7562A002
Estimated Retail Price: $399.99

8 x 25 IS 4.4 5 5 5
Best Value for the Price! I purchased the 8x25 IS binocular knowing that it lacked the features and capability of its big brother the five (5) star rated 10x42 IS. Yes, the 10x42 IS is a superior binocular, no doubt, but I wanted an image stabilized binocular for travel that weighed around one (1) pound. The 8x25 IS fits the bill as the 10x42 IS is at least twice as heavy. Also the 8x25 IS is fairly compact, which is good since I never check bags and space is at a premium. A big plus, the 8x25 IS is very afford-ably priced. I made several international trips/cruises with the diminutive 8x25 IS this past year and couldn't be happier - the 8x25 IS performed flawlessly. Though I always use the neck strap, it would be nice to have a rubberized sleeve or glove that could be slipped over the binocular for a more confident grip. December 28, 2010
best purchase for old shakey hands l am a deer hunter . holding binocular was unsteady until i purchased the image stabilizing 8x25 it has helped a lot. November 27, 2009
You get what you pay for. I own both the 8 X 25 IS and the 10 X 30 IS at present and have owned the 12 X 36 IS in the past. This is really a case of you get what you pay for. The 8 X 25 IS is a high quality binocular for the asking price. However, I have found the 10 X 30 IS to be a better product in performance and quality and worth the extra money. So, if you are considering buying an IS binocular go with the 10 X 30 IS. Also, I found the 12 X 36 IS to be a bit heavy for most uses. April 28, 2009
Canon 8x25 IS - Good Enough These binoculars are awesome; lightweight, compact, and crystal clear. A little over-priced but perfect for travel and general use. The only issue is with IS feature. It helps with very windy days or shaky platforms, etc. but it distorts the crystal clear image slightly. It does help control the binoculars but you do loose superior viewing. February 15, 2009
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