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10 x 30 IS

IS Binoculars
10 x 30 IS

Item Code: 2897A002
Estimated Retail Price: $549.99

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These do not last My first pair of these binoculars were great when new. After about 4 years the image stabilizing mechanism froze. Although I live about one mile from the coast, the Canon Factory Service said that they were corroded. Repairs would be almost the cost of a new pair...which I bought. Now, after about 5 years the second pair has stopped working and the exterior plastic case has turned soft and sticky. I would love to have a new pair but I expected Canon binoculars to last like other binoculars, i.e. Indefinitely. February 20, 2014
Not recommended Optics and stabilization are excellent, but the case makes it unusable. It has become very sticky and your fingerprints are embedded in the case if you touch it. December 25, 2013
Excellent value but with some reservation Overall I'd rate these binos as a VERY good value from a price/performance perspective. Given the low price, the very strong flare/ghosting and annoying 'button hold' hassle take some shine off this product. i.e. the "modest" optical quality of these binos is the weakest part of the whole package. That's the tradeoff given the fairly low price! That said, these binos are light weight and the stabilization works great which make them a joy to use in the field as long as the sun angle is high or facing the subject. I would recommend these as a good inexpensive bino even with the (IMO) somewhat compromised optics. December 7, 2012
Completely satisfied I have a new pair of Canon 10x30IS binoculars. I am amazed by the clarity of the optics, no fussy edges and bright field out to the edges. These are very compact, nearly as portable as a dept. store 7 x 35. The binoculars work very well in normal viewing. When you activate the IS the image stops! It is remarkable. The IS feature is as good as more magnification. I'm sure these are delicate and I do not plan to drop test them. These are excellent binoculars. December 26, 2011
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