Free Space Optics FAQ



Q:  How important is Auto Tracking?
A: Essential. All buildings are prone to sway and vibration, from wind and temperature fluctuation. Canon's unique Auto Tracking, which is built into every DT-100 Series Canobeam, even the economical DT-110, maintains transmission during normal sway and movement. For more details, CLICK HERE
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Q:  Are transmissions affected by weather?
A: Weather tends to affect many transmission systems including Free Space Optics. However, Canobeam's Auto Tracking system, which is built into all new models, supports a more focused beam, unlike some competitors which rely on a wider beam. Fog or snow reduces visibility thereby scattering and attenuating the amount of light that passes between the two units. However even if the visibility is impacted as much as 50% by bad weather conditions, the DT-100 Series can transmit correctly.
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Q:  What happens if a bird flies across the path of the light?
A: If the laser beam is partly obstructed by a bird flying across its path, the amount of light passing between the units will be briefly reduced but there will still be adequate light for data transmission. If a bird obstructs the beam completely, the data will be momentarily interrupted but the problem will be resolved by a retransmission of the data if TCP/IP is used.
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Q:  Is the optical beam safe?
A: Canobeam's optical beam transmission technology is reliable, secure and engineered for maximum safety. According the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), the worldwide advisory agency responsible for eye safety guidelines, Canobeam's laser transmitters are designated as "IEC Class 1M" eye safe, or in other words, safe when seen by the naked eye either at the point of output or the point of receipt. (IEC/EN 60825-1 2007 Class 1M; FDA Laser Notice.50)
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Q:  Can Canobeam transmit data through glass windows?
A: Yes. The DT-100 Series can be installed indoors for window to window or window to roof transmission be locating both units directly in the line of site. The sleek, new design allows for unobtrusive, indoor installation.
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