RSA QDirect® & Print Stream Transform Modules

Workflow Solutions


Rochester Software Associates, Inc. (RSA) solutions provide Canon customers with an output management (QDirect) and print stream transformation solutions (M.I.S. Print, IPDSPrint, and RDOPrint) for production printing environments. QDirect is a SunSM-based solution for enterprise job management, and is used to control workflow, route print jobs, and manage print queues. QDirect consolidates print from data centers, departments, and desktops to a single point, and distributes the output to production, workgroup, desktop printers, and other destinations. Essentially, QDirect provides a central point of control for managing a job's workflow-no matter where it originates or where it must ultimately end up. Jobs are sent to QDirect, and then routed based on the attributes of each job (priority, page count, simplex/duplex, plain/staple/bin) and the capabilities of destination printers.

To complement QDirect, RSA offers a suite of print stream transform modules. These modules can "plug-in" to QDirect and convert legacy print streams into PostScrip for printing on Canon imageRUNNER and imagePRESS devices. They allow users to leverage modern finishing features available in PostScript printers, without changing the way users interact with their existing systems and applications.

  • M.I.S. Print - accepts LCDS data streams from mainframes and converts them to PostScript and PDF
  • IPDSPrint - accepts IPDS data streams from mainframes and converts them to PostScript and PDF
  • RDOPrint - accepts RDO DigiPath jobs and converts them to PostScript and PDF for repurposing proprietary documents.