Meadows Publishing Solutions: DesignMerge®

Workflow Solutions


Meadows Publishing Solutions is a software development and integration company specializing in plug-in modules for Adobe® InDesign® software. Canon has partnered with Meadows Publishing Solutions to introduce their DesignMerge application to the Canon USA distribution channel.

A workflow that includes DesignMerge and a Canon press allows users to quickly and easily create variable data output from any Adobe InDesign document in Canon digital color. The solution is ideal for graphic design firms, advertising agencies, commercial printers, corporate marketing departments and other users in the Graphic Arts marketplace who use currently utilize Adobe InDesign or the Adobe Creative Suite to create print jobs.

DesignMerge® is an award-winning variable data printing (VDP) software package that can be used to create professional, personalized documents on a Canon digital press. The software can be used to create a variety of personalized documents, including postcards, form letters, and newsletters, but is also a fantastic tool for production work, such as bar coding and consecutive numbering jobs. Right out of the box, DesignMerge includes a powerful set of VDP features, including variable text, image and article support, built-in conditional logic programming (rules), automatic copy-fitting of overset text, step-through data preview, complete job pre-flighting, bar coding, consecutive numbering, and multi-up layout support with cut & stack features. The software is perfect for applications such as business cards, store signage, tags, tickets, labels, or virtually anything that merges data with design!