Vertical Market Solutions
Here are five industries for which Canon had identified and customized specific solutions to help your organization become more productive, competitive, and cost efficient.
Education Link
ADVANCED SOLUTIONS for Education Learn More
Canon offers hardware and software technology solutions for EDUCATION that can help streamline workflows, boost collaboration, control expenses, secure student information, improve accessibility, and reduce the impact of printing on the environment.
Financial Link
ADVANCED SOLUTIONS for Financial Services Learn More
Solutions for FINANCIAL SERVICES are designed to help better manage document workflows, control costs, speed up applications processes, improve front-to-back office integration, and streamline regulatory compliance.
Healthcare Link
ADVANCED SOLUTIONS for Healthcare Learn More
Solutions that enable HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS to streamline admissions and discharge processes, facilitate HIPAA compliance, ensure accurate fax communications, and integrate patient information with Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems.
Legal Link
Solutions for LEGAL PROFESSIONALS can boost overall productivity and efficiency across a firm by streamlining document workflows, tracking and reducing costs, and improving
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ADVANCED SOLUTIONS for Government Learn More
Hardware and software solutions for GOVERNMENT are designed to better manage your agency's document workflows, improve efficiency, secure your working environment, and comply with a variety of regulations.
Office Solutions
Here are 10 areas where Canon solutions can help your business become more productive, competitive, and cost efficient.
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Color Learn More
Canon COLOR solutions deliver speed, reliability, and a full complement of finishing options - for professional results every time.
Document Management link
Document Management Learn More
Canon DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT solutions help you optimize paper-handling tasks - making it easier to archive, locate, and take action on valuable company information
Document Distribution Link
Document Distribution Learn More
Canon DOCUMENT DISTRIBUTION solutions make it easy for you to establish customized, secure and automated document routing.
Productivity Link
Productivity Learn More
Canon PRODUCTIVITY solutions help streamline the way your documents are created, produced, and printed.
Security Learn More
With Canon SECURITY solutions you can protect sensitive, confidential, and proprietary information without compromising staff productivity.
Output Management Link
Output Management Learn More
Canon OUTPUT MANAGEMENT solutions make it easy for you to identify, evaluate, and manage print costs.
Device Management Link
Device Management Learn More
Canon DEVICE MANAGEMENT solutions streamline common and necessary tasks for all IT administrators.
Usability Link
Usability Learn More
Canon USABILITY solutions offer device and management features that are easy to learn and simple to use.
Accessibility Link
Accessibility Learn More
Canon ACCESSIBILITY solutions help improve the work lives of the widest possible range of business users.
Environment Link
Environment Learn More
Canon ENVIRONMENT solutions can help your company decrease energy use, cut consumable waste, and reduce your overall environmental footprint.