Mixed Reality

Training & Simulation

Mixed Reality technology opens a wide world of training and simulation possibilities for applications including military, manufacturing, defense, energy, research and other industries. The ability to interact with models in real space enables your personnel to train efficiently and effectively. Critically, observers can gauge subjects' reactions to different situations in a safe, low-pressure environment.


Interactive Training for Specialized Tasks

Regardless of industry, professionals can be called upon to perform specialized tasks that can only be mastered through in-depth training. Mixed Reality serves as a powerful means of collaboration and enhanced learning, especially for complex tasks.

Through the MREAL System, trainees can be walked through a series of intricate steps with both the real world and virtual instructions in view. This helps people better and more quickly understand how to complete a difficult objective.



Simulations can be an important part of the training process. Seeing how people will react in a difficult situation allows you to better assess their readiness and ability to thrive when faced with a similar scenario in the real world. 

Mixed Reality creates an environment that promotes learning by doing and helps with trainee readiness.

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