Mixed Reality


The Canon MREAL System leverages three key components: Canon's proprietary Head Mounted Display (HMD), the Canon Mixed Reality Platform Software, and markers or positional sensors.


Canon Head Mounted Display (HMD)

With the Head Mounted Display, users can view computer-generated virtual images seamlessly superimposed onto physical, real-world environments. As the HMD is used, two CCD digital cameras – one for each eye – actively capture stereoscopic video images from the real world and feed the input back to the computer. Here, computer graphic files are overlaid with real-world images the user sees, which are then displayed back through the headset to create three-dimensional depth.


Free-Form Prism

The HMD uses Canon's innovative free-form prism featuring a unique, three-sided configuration that produces clear, solid-looking images with low distortion. This patented technology reduces the impact of optical aberrations, even in peripheral areas, further enhancing the realism of the experience.


Canon MR Platform Software

The MR software was developed to integrate with your existing concept models and design workflow. The MR Platform functions as a middleware solution with the ability to combine images of reality and your models rendered from leading 3-D CAD and design applications.

The platform provides a software development kit (SDK) that can be used to integrate with other applications you might rely on regularly.


Markers and Sensors

To render images precisely in real space, the Canon MREAL System supports multiple positional solutions including markers, optical sensors, and magnetic sensors available from leading third-party manufacturers. To help determine which marker or sensor technology could be most useful with your rendered designs, Canon Professional Services will work with you to assess your environment and better understand your goals.

Compatible Magnetic Sensors include:
Compatible Optical Sensors include:
Vicon MX, Vicon Bonita, NaturalPoint OptiTrack,
Compatible Gyroscopic Sensors include:
InterSense InertiaCube,

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