Mixed Reality


The Canon MREAL System can be leveraged throughout the Product Lifecycle process to help expedite design, iterative improvements, and final approvals. When teams gain the ability to shepherd product ideas from concept to market faster, a company is better positioned to maximize revenue potential from that idea.


Validate Proof of Concept Quickly

Digital prototyping with the Canon MREAL System can help identify potential design issues and innovations earlier in the development process.

At an automotive R&D facility, for example, MR technology can enable a full-scale display of a virtual automobile that can be quickly and easily modified to present different design options. Sit in the car or walk around it as designers present different colors, trim options, exterior designs and other optional features to get critical feedback and sign-off before moving toward developing physical prototypes.


Expedite and Improve Service Training

Canon's MREAL System enables you to offer service training in environments that would otherwise be inaccessible, impractical, or unsafe.

The technology can be used to offer training tests that allow users to repeat exercises several times and learn correct procedures in more ideal or convenient conditions.


Optimize Space Within Manufacturing Plant

The way your products are assembled and packaged can make a big difference to your bottom line. So why shouldn't your manufacturing plant be organized for maximum productivity from the very start? Canon's MREAL System enables plant directors to evaluate different configurations of any potential plant to ensure that it maximizes safety and makes most efficient use of space.

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