Mixed Reality

Architecture, Engineering, and Construction

The Canon Mixed Reality (MR) technology enables architects and engineers to bring their designs to life. Share your vision with clients by previewing different exterior and interior design options for them. Get valuable feedback and direction that will help move your projects toward sign-off.

For example, you could walk a client through building models to gather immediate feedback, then customize or adjust plans based on comments. This can empower your team to move projects toward client sign-off and final approval much more quickly.


Present Exciting New Designs to Clients

When it comes to plant design and building, MR technology can be used to display large-scale structures and machines, making it possible to recognize both major and minute design issues that have traditionally been difficult to grasp beforehand.

Canon's MREAL System makes it possible to display the 3-D data for buildings on an actual street and verify completed models from every angle. MR also makes it possible to collaborate on structures like factories, refineries, or water treatment plants in a specific geographic location.


Adjust Building Plan Details to Expedite Sign-Off

A common barrier toward getting architectural projects completed can be client indecision or dissatisfaction with small interior design details. With MR technology, that no longer has to be the case.

With MR, you can put customers inside renderings of their new building, office, or residence. Present different designs and options. Identify customer preferences and get invaluable feedback as you move the project past each milestone.

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