imageWARE Secure Audit Manager

Network Device Security and Management


  • Complete Content Audit Trail
    Capture image data, text data, job attribute and user information for print, copy, fax, scan, and e-mail jobs processed by imageRUNNER Advance and imageRUNNER devices.
  • Monitor and Alert
    Notify a designated administrator(s) when a specific keyword is printed, scanned, faxed, copied, or sent. With this feature the administrator(s) can be made aware of crucial information leaks as they occur.
  • Scheduling for Bandwidth Usage Management
    Have control over the time of day that information is transferred. There are two types of scheduling features:
    • Periodic Send: Send data at assigned intervals of time throughout the day.
    • Scheduled Send: Schedule the time of day data is sent. For example, you can configure imageWARE Secure Audit Manager to send data after business hours or in any three different periods. Each device can have different schedules, or apply the same schedules to all devices.
  • Job Settings
    Specify types of jobs to be recorded by any combination of copy, print, send fax, receive fax, box, and scan/send in 3 different time periods for any device or all devices.
  • Centralized Management
    The imageWARE Secure Audit Manager centralized Web Management Console makes the solution easy and cost-efficient to operate. From one central location, system-wide changes can be applied.