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Five Interchangeable Genuine Canon Lens Options

The REALiS SX6000 projector gives you the choice of five interchangeable Genuine Canon lenses. Canon is renowned for our expertise and achievement in lens design and construction - in fact the optical technology developed for our acclaimed EOS series of SLR cameras is reflected in the development of our projection lenses. Either the 1.5x Standard Zoom Lens (RS-IL01ST), Long Focus Zoom Lens (RS-IL02LZ), Ultra Wide Angle Lens (RS-IL03WF) or Short Focus Zoom Lens (RS-IL05WZ) can be used with the REALiS SX6000 depending on the application.

A standout feature of these Genuine Canon lenses is their lack of brightness loss compared to lenses fitted to competitors’ products. Why is that important? Because you will no longer need to ‘overspecify’ brightness in order to compensate for loss, which is common with wide or long throw lenses. That can have a real impact on the price you pay for your installation projector.

All five lenses share the benefits of specifically designed aspherical lenses to deliver high-quality images with a small footprint. In fact, all five lenses are similar in size and fit in the same space on the projector.