Mixed Reality


The Canon MREAL System is an imaging science breakthrough that seamlessly combines the virtual world of computer-generated imagery (CGI) with your real-world environment. This revolutionary advance in imaging technology provides a portable method to enable your teams to boost overall productivity, enhance interaction and collaboration, focus on details, and gather important feedback quickly.
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Mixed Reality - Combining the Real World with the Virtual One

The Canon MREAL System combines your virtual world designs with your actual environment.

The mixed reality experience offers more realism than conventional Virtual Reality and enables you to interact with designs in real time, from any point of view, and with a lifelike sense of scale.


Boost Productivity and Speed Products to Market

The Canon MREAL System enables you to see digital prototypes with real-world environments in order to quickly confirm design assumptions and/or identify potential concerns.

The technology can help you incorporate required characteristics faster, reduce prototype iterations, and get products to market sooner.


Interact with Your Designs

MR enables an immersive experience - going beyond what you see on your screen and empowering you to interact with the images.

Experience the images as your ideas come to life.


Maximize Attention to Detail

Mixed Reality brings users into a 3-D world where - with unprecedented realism - they can walk through a scene, survey a landscape, and interact with an object or environment.

Examine models from nearly any angle. For example, see how components manufactured at different locations will fit together as expected. Or evaluate intricate design details, such as how light might reflect off the interior trim of a new car.


Gather Development Feedback Instantly

When an audience is immersed in Mixed Reality, it gains tremendous insight. Whether collaborating on ideas, discussing new product designs, securing customer input, generating investor interest, winning management buy-in, or just entertaining an audience, the value of MR is priceless.

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