Portable Display Calculators

Portable Display

Details TX-220TSII

The Canon TX-220TSII Portable Display Calculator can help you power through your workload.

Details LS-88HI III

The LS-88Hi III-BK will become an essential tool for all your daily calculations.

Details WS-1400H

  • 14 digits display
  • Adjustable tilt display
  • Automatic power-off function
  • Double and triple zero keys

Details TX-220TS

  • 12 digits
  • Extra-large liquid crystal display
  • Adjustable tilt display
  • Grand total key

Details HS-1200TS

  • 12 digits
  • Profit margin calculation
  • Square root, sign change, and memory keys
  • Attractive metallic design

Details LS-100TS

  • 10 digits display
  • Quick and easy tax calculation
  • Attractive metallic design