Ever find yourself in a store, interested in a product, but with no one around to answer your questions?

Well, Microsoft® Tag and Canon can help!

Microsoft Tags are a new kind of colorful bar code that can be 'scanned' from your smartphone, giving you near instant access to web pages with detailed information about the product to help you make a purchase decision, including Ratings & Reviews from others who already own it. Once you install the free application, you simply launch the app on your smartphone, point your phone at the Tag, line it up in the crosshairs - and depending on your phone - either wait for it to scan the Tag or snap it yourself as if you were taking a picture.

Scanning the Tag that appears on select Canon products and print ads will launch your web browser, sending you directly to a mobile-friendly web page for that product or service. No texting shortcodes or typing required. Just scan and the information you need will be at your fingertips.

All you need is a smartphone with a camera, internet access and the Microsoft Tag Reader installed*. Go to http://gettag.mobi on your mobile browser to get the free Tag Reader. To see the full list of supported devices, go to

So the next time you see a symbol like this on a Canon product or print ad...


...take notice, scan the tag, and find out everything you need to know.

For additional details, please visit the Microsoft Tag website at


* Normal data charges apply.