This resource guide is compiled from key business publications to help business professionals learn more about:

  • Why to use merchandise to engage customers, motivate a sales force, reward employees, celebrate a company milestone or holiday.
  • What 'Trophy Value' is, and why it doesn't exist in a cash reward.

Incentive Strategy Articles & Case Studies (PDFs)
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Incentive Strategies
  Faves for Holiday 2009
Courtesy of Selling Communications, Holiday 2009 Version 2

Incentive Strategies
  The new Family of ELPHs.....!
Courtesy of Selling Communications, Holiday 2009

Incentive Strategies
  Canon wishlist and employee lifetime values!
Courtesy of Selling Communications, Holiday 2008

Incentive Strategies
  Camera features that hit the right button and minimal effect on a down economy!
Courtesy of Selling Communications, Winter 2008

Incentive Strategies
  10 Steps to choosing a Point-and-Shoot Digital Camera to fit your budget!
Courtesy of Selling Communications, Winter 2008

Incentive Strategies
  The perfect corporate gift? Zoom in on new SELPHY ES2 Compact Photo Printer.
Courtesy of Selling Communications, Fall 2007

Reward Me NOW!
  As businesses discover the value of incentives, the corporate goody bag is swelling.
Courtesy of FORTUNE, September 2006

Remarkable Rewards, Extraordinary Results
  Motivating the high-salaried salesperson is more complicated than showing more money.
Courtesy of SalesForceXP, July/August 2006

Why Cash Incentives Fail
  They're spent on necessities and quickly forgotten. Find out how to keep your incentive programs from going up in flames.
Courtesy of SalesForceXP, September/October 2005

Delta Loyalty Program Keeps Sales Flowing
  Get in Step With Channel Partners: See how The Delta Faucet Company's loyalty program uses merchandise to motivate partners to complete training.
Courtesy of SalesForceXP, July/August 2005

Hot Hot Motivation
  How to spot the 5 trends that will motivate your sales team.
Courtesy of SellingPower, April 2005


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