All formal training ("Training") will be conducted at CUSA's training facility in San Jose, California. At the Customer's option, training will be paid for through the use of training credits provided with the purchase of new equipment, or by paying the standard prevailing rate per week for each student.

Training Credits are issued per each new equipment purchase, and may be redeemed solely during the warranty period or up to 18 months after the delivery of equipment whichever ends first. Training Credits are not transferable*. Each Training Credit is equivalent to one week of training per person. Additional Training Credits can be purchased at the prevailing price set by CUSA's Training Department.*

* Training Credits are not transferable between sites, equipment model type, as well as ownership of the Training Credits to third parties.

Training Credits may only be used for standard training courses conducted at CUSA's San Jose, CA. Training facility. Should Customer require "on-site" training, CUSA's standard published courses may be purchased at the then current weekly training rate per person. Such training shall also be subject to charges for travel. Any preparation required shall be subject to CUSA's the current billing rates. CUSA may consider requests for customized "on-site" training class when resource materials are available. Customized "on-site" training will be quoted separately.