RadPRO MiniDR - Portable, Onsite X-ray Screening System

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About RadPRO MiniDR - Portable, Onsite X-ray Screening System

RadPRO MiniDR - Portable, Onsite X-ray Screening System


  • Canon Flat Panel Detectors
    The RadPRO MiniDR Portable, Onsite X-ray System is compatible with the Canon CXDI-50 series, Canon CXDI-55 series and the compact, lightweight Canon CXDI-60 series flat panel detectors. Depending on your organization's needs, each series has either a Gadolinium Oxysulfide or Cesium Iodide scintillator helping to produce high resolution images that may be previewed within 3-5 seconds after exposure.
  • Compact and Portable
    Two small ruggedized cases can carry a Canon CXDI-60, Canon CXDI-55 or Canon CXDI-50 flat panel detector* along with the laptop, lightweight x-ray source and battery. The cases can efficiently be transported and drop shipped when needed. The RadPRO MiniDR can remotely transmit acquired images from the detector to the operator's laptop up to a quarter mile away.
  • Field Deployable
    A wide range of law enforcement organizations such as military, homeland security, border patrol, police, and prisons can benefit from the RadPRO MiniDR by saving time and resources. For example, vehicles suspected of carrying contraband can be immediately x-rayed on location; and unattended packages can be x-rayed on premises to verify areas and whether explosives are inside. Using Canon detectors, the RadPRO Mini DR can x-ray a variety of objects including suspect cars, prison cells, ceramic weapons, contraband material and much more.

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