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VIXIA mini
VIXIA mini
You Shine Brighter Than Ever
Wi-Fi Certified
The world is your audience. Built-in Wi-Fi® enables easy and immediate sharing of video clips and photos to the Internet.
WiFi® Technology
The VIXIA mini features built-in Wi-Fi® so you can share your HD video with friends and family anytime, anywhere. Connect with compatible home networks, wireless hotspots, and mobile devices with ease. Using the free Canon Movie Uploader app on your iOS® device, it's simple to upload your video to share with your eager audience as soon as possible. Videos and photos can also be easily shared over the internet with a free registration on CANON iMAGE GATEWAY# – an online photo storage service that lets you upload to social networking sites like YouTube™ or Facebook®.
This software enables you to upload images to social network sites. Before uploading images, please be aware that image files may contain privacy related information such as people and places. If necessary, please delete such information. Canon does not obtain, collect or use such images or any information included in such images through this software. Compatible with iOS version 5/6 or later for select devices.
# One-time registration is required on CANON iMAGE GATEWAY online photo album.
Ever wonder what your dog does in his dog house all day? Now you can find out. Live Streaming allows you to view and record live video, plus remotely control your camcorder, all with your mobile device and the Canon CameraAccess2 app.
The Live Streaming function enabled by the VIXIA mini camcorder's built-in Wi-Fi® allows you to receive the live video and sound that your camcorder is recording from a remote location on your iOS® or Android™ device using the free Canon CameraAccess2 app. You can also remotely control camcorder functions including start/stop, and even access information about remaining battery charge, recordable time and more. The applications are endless: you can monitor babies and pets, capture wildlife videos remotely without disturbing the scene, create perfect self-videos and lots more.
Live Streaming
Compatible with iOS version 5/6 or later or Android version 2.3/4.0 or later for select devices.
Live Streaming
Convenient for when you're indoors or out and about, this compact and lightweight camcorder offers high portability and flexibility so you can shoot wherever you go.
CompactThe VIXIA mini is super slim and weighs approximately 5.6 ounces, so it's easy to take with you wherever you go. Its innovative design allows it to be slipped into a pocket just like your smartphone, but also enables high quality capture in any number of situations. Wherever and whenever you need it, the VIXIA mini is there to make you shine.
Tap, slide, shrink, enlarge… it even tilts! This screen has it all. The 2.7-inch capacitive, tilt, touch panel LCD offers fast, intuitive control right at your fingertips.
Touch Panel LCD Interacting with the VIXIA mini will feel familiar right away thanks to the capacitive touch panel LCD. Simply tap and swipe the screen the way you do your tablet or smartphone. The big, clear 2.7-inch LCD makes it easy to switch from shooting video to capturing the perfect still image from various angles – low, high, or even upside down! Toggle between Wide and Close-up modes with a simple touch to give your video a dynamic look. Easily scroll through captured images with the slide of a finger across the screen. Tap your way through simple menu options. Quickly share what you've created with friends, family and the whole world.
Touch Panel LCD Touch Panel LCD
Touch Panel LCD LCD_1 LCD_1
Built-in Stand
Just set it and forget it! The built-in adjustable stand and tripod socket allow for flexible positioning so it's easy to shoot scenes hands-free.
One of the most innovative things about the VIXIA mini is the shooting flexibility it gives you. Between the 2.7-inch Vari-angle LCD that flips on parallel hinges, and the built-in stand that adjusts to various positions, your shooting options are endless. Shoot low-angle with the screen fully closed, and high-angle or straight on with the screen in the rear position. You can even shoot in multiple directions with the camera inverted; Built-in StandDetection Orientation automatically rotates the image for playback. Hands-free videos where you're the star have never been easier! Simply place the screen in the front position and position the sturdy stand to the perfect angle. There's even a tripod socket to ensure steady recording.
Hands Free Shooting Hands Free Shooting
There's no fear of losing this lens cap. An automatic lens cover helps protect the lens against scratches and dust, so it'll go everywhere you do.
The VIXIA mini is designed to be easy, ultra-portable, and ready to shoot when you are. The camcorder's lens cap is built-in and automatic so there's no need to remove and keep track of a lens cap when the action begins. Simply power on and the lens cap slides open. Power off and it slides shut, protecting the valuable Canon lens from dirt, dust and scratches.
Automatic Lens Cover