VIXIA Small Moment Blockbuster

The Canon VIXIA delivers stunning image quality and performance with the HD CMOS Pro Image Sensor and built-in creative features. With capabilities like these, you can shoot every moment like it's a big production.

See how some of its features were utilized in the trailer for 9 GOING ON TEEN:
HD CMOS Pro Image Sensor
The HD CMOS Pro Image Sensor incorporates technology proven in Canon's professional-level camcorders to ensure Full HD video that is stunningly life-like, with brilliant clarity in every detail.
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Superb Low-Light Performance ( :11 )
Larger pixels mean outstanding video resolution and greater sensitivity means superb low-light performance, like in candlelight.

Wide Dynamic Range ( :09 )
Get more details when you shoot in darkness, and lose less to "blow-outs" on those brighter days.
Cinema-Look Filters
Adding a Cinema Look Filter is just one of the creative features you can use to develop your creative vision. Nine built-in filters (like Dream, Sepia or Old Movie) give each shot its own creative flair.
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Memory Filter ( :20 )
The Memory filter adds a faded, misty look to create flashback scenes, like showing the aftermath of a party.