EOS-1D X Firmware Version 2.0.3

EOS-1D X: Firmware Update Version 2.0.3
AF and AE Improvements Custom Camera Operations
The more customizable, the more intuitive and the faster a camera and its operation, the easier it is to concentrate on capturing the best images in the world. With Firmware Update Version 2.0.3, the customization options for operation of the EOS-1D X DSLR camera are expanded in a number of significant ways, enabling tailored AF modes, AF point selection, even review. All this with one thing in mind: to make using the EOS-1D X effortless, for better photography, faster.
Assignable Buttons for One-Shot and AI Servo AF Modes

Firmware Update Version 2.0.3 gives users the option to individually customize the and AF-ON buttons to change settings on the fly. It's now simple to select AF start point, AI Servo characteristics, AF mode, and even Super High Speed Mode for up to 14.0 fps continuous shooting with the press of a button. Either button can even be programmed to toggle between AI Servo focus and One-Shot AF, meaning faster, enhanced control.
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Initial AF Point Selection & 61-point Auto Selection AF Synchronization

Firmware Update Version 2.0.3 allows the photographer to maintain a chosen AF point when switching over to 61-point Auto Selection AF. Another leap forward in the customization of the EOS-1D X DSLR camera, the camera can not only stay on the same AF point, it can be programmed to return to a chosen AF point when switching AF point selection modes.
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AF Point Switching According to Camera Orientation

Whereas it's always been possible to program the EOS-1D X DSLR camera to automatically switch AF points and point selection modes according to the camera's orientation, with Firmware Update Version 2.0.3 it's now possible to program only the AF point, without having the camera save the AF Point Selection mode as well.
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Display Protected Images Only Option

For faster review of images that have been protected, Firmware Update Version 2.0.3 improves playback options whereby photographers can choose to review only protected images. Where it was possible to review only rated images, this new feature saves time, allowing the photographer to rate images later on in the workflow.
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