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Night Scene Mode

Night shots are beautiful, but they can be tricky if your camera's not in the right mode. When you're taking a picture of a person outdoors at night, or trying to capture a beautiful evening scene or city skyline in low light, try setting your camera to the "Night Scene" mode. In the featured model, the PowerShot SX260 HS Digital Camera, the "Handheld Night Scene" mode makes dramatic nighttime photography simple. Relying on the HS (High Sensitivity) SYSTEM using the "Handheld Night Scene" mode, the camera will shoot and combine four consecutive shots at a shutter speed fast enough to help avoid camera shake in lower lighting conditions.
Making it Work

("Handheld Night Scene")
  • To use "Handheld Night Scene" mode, first set the camera's mode dial to "scene "
  • Press the "Func Set" button and rotate the dial to select the "Handheld Night Scene" icon
  • Press "Func Set" again to confirm the mode
  • Hold the camera steady, focus, and shoot
  • The camera will rapidly take a sequence of 4 shots that will be combined to create a beautiful nighttime image
More Information

Select models also feature a "Night Scene" mode-essentially a slow synchro shooting mode in which the flash fires to light the main (nearby) subject while the camera shoots at a slower shutter speed to increase the brightness of the distant background. Using this mode often requires a tripod for clear images, while the "Handheld Night Scene" mode produces similar results without the need for a tripod. Whether using "Handheld Night Scene" or the "Night Scene" mode, you're equipped to capture stunning low light evening photography.