Dual Pixel CMOS AF

Dual Pixel CMOS AF
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Shoot Video Like a Camcorder

The revolutionary benefits of Dual Pixel CMOS AF are strikingly evident during video capture. Unlike still photography, where final focus is paramount, in video recording the process of acquiring and retaining focus is incorporated in the final outcome. For pleasing, cinematic video, a camera's autofocus system must acquire subject focus quickly and smoothly; keep tight focus as the subject moves around; and track faces. Dual Pixel CMOS AF excels at all of these, providing natural autofocus that is reminiscent of the way the human eye focuses, and helping ensure that your audience will remain as locked in as the focus of your video.


Whether initially acquiring subject focus, or switching focus between multiple subjects in a single shot (i.e. focus racking), Dual Pixel CMOS AF makes the transition smooth and direct with unhesitating lens drive, and the final result sharp. And, with Touch AF and a Live View screen, focus racking can be performed easily with the touch of a finger.

Dual Pixel CMOS AF, combined with the predictive power of Movie Servo AF, automatically locks focus on your subject and tracks it throughout the composition, whether moving in or out or side-to-side – even at high speeds. It's essential for sports and wildlife videos, and anything where your subject moves rapidly and randomly.

Working together with Canon Face Detection technology and Tracking Priority AF, Dual Pixel CMOS AF is excellent at automatically recognizing a face, focusing on it, and following it while it moves. It helps ensure that the most expressive part of a person is exquisitely captured.