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Canon's Professional HD (High Definition) Camcorders

For the uncompromising professional and the demanding consumer, Canon has an outstanding line of High Definition camcorders that combine Canon optical quality, advanced image processing, and an array of features. See what happens when Canon's experience and technical excellence enters the realm of High Definition.

Explore Canon's line of High Definition Cameras in depth
XL H1S - Exceptional Image Quality... Definitive Quality... Professional Functionality XL H1A - Enhanced, Versatile, Advanced
XL H1 - The Ultimate HD Camcorder
XH G1S - Lightweight, hand-held, feature packed 3CCD HD XH A1S - The best in 3CCD HD, just the way you need it
XH G1 - Best of Breed 3CCD HD XH A1 - 3CCD HD and a Wealth of Features